Dating tips for shy women

so I got together with some experts, and we scoured the internet for some of the most common, yet ineffective dating advice out there right now.We compiled these bad pieces of advice into a list for you, so you know what to watch out for–and we also included some fixes so you can start attracting more hot women right away.for most guys, this piece of advice is absolutely useless…because they don’t know In fact, studies show that the male brain is simply not hardwired to pick up on a woman’s subtle cues…

Obviously, this was a line, but I just played along, let him in, and ended up keeping him company while he attempted to do some homework. I mentioned that first day to him and he started laughing.This type of mantra gives you some courage for a couple of seconds–and it also gives you the false sense that all you’re missing is the courage.Though in reality, this false sense of courage can be dangerous.This thinking will lessen your emotional investment into each experience.And as a result, it will destroy any chance you initially had with each particular woman.

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