Dating someone with nonverbal learning disorder danny valencia dating

The child with NVLD is highly likely to be socially isolated because of the fact that he is simply incapable of reading the social cues that others are naturally sending out.

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Schoolwork will continue to suffer and behavior problems may continue.

If he's not a good fellow, it wouldn't matter if he could estimate the contents of the milk jug to within half an ounce. NVLD impairs her in some ways, yet she is an especially lovely and lovable person I don't say that just because she is my daughter Mature adults who take time to know her find her an especially kind, supportive and loyal friend who brings honesty and integrity to her relationships, as well as good sense.

Some people with NVLD are able get a full education, to support themselves, live on their own and be pretty self-sufficient.

They have difficulty with nonverbal communication That is such a minimal description, I know. There's a lot to read but the Q and A section is especially informative, as you can go through the questions and pick out the ones that are most useful to you.

I sympathize with the difficulty you find searching the internet as there is precious little information available about adults with NVLD.

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