Dating sociopath stares at other women funny online dating ice breakers

(Click to tweet) Also, in a good relationship when you repeatedly see your spouse doing something hurtful or offensive to you, and tell him, he listens and reflects on his own behaviors.

He would stop doing his behavior instead of telling you that you had serious mental issues and it’s all in your head.

For example you could say, “I’m not going to that dinner with you.

I’m sorry but it is humiliating and disrespectful to me when you repeatedly stare at pretty women and I won’t put myself through that anymore.

They do this so big time it’s a trademark of a sociopath.

There is no perfect path forward or sure-fire sentence that you can say that will wake him up to his behavior, but I would ask you to think about what glorifies God more?

Is it to just smile silently at his side while he disrespects you and other women?

They aren’t doing this simply to “make us jealous”.

This makes us feel horrible, naturally, and jealous.

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