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As a globally renowned matchmaking agency, it is our mission to take the stress out of finding a life partner. You’ll then be assigned a personal matchmaker, who will see you through our unique process, which goes like this: Needless to say, this personalised process makes for a boutique experience.You’ll have access to your personal matchmaker at every step of the way, from the initial interview through to the post-date discussions and beyond.Whatever the case, if you don’t speak the local language, communication can become difficult and life can get lonely.No problem there: Macbeth offers an exclusive international dating website that is sure to help you break the ice and acclimate to your new home.Many of the most interesting things to do in Hamburg are in this port area.The Port of Hamburg, the Hamburger Hafen, encompassing 100 square kilometers of tidal harbor, is known as the Gateway to Germany.

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All our dating services are individualised and our matchmakers are relationship experts with a passion for what they do.

Or maybe you simply had to find Macbeth Matchmaking…You’ve been out there for a while, you’ve tried different dating sites in Germany, and there’s no doubt about it: not all dating agencies are created equal.

Most run automated profile searches, making it all a question of numbers: sift through enough photos and meaningless profiles, catch enough catfish, and eventually you might find someone interesting. Therein resides the difference that sets apart Macbeth.

Built long before the 19th-century warehouses and 21st-century harborside complexes, the street is a view into the city's Hansa past.

The Hanseatic League was a medieval association of independent port cities and merchants along the Baltic and north Atlantic from the 11th to the 18th centuries, and even into the 19th century.

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