Dating site for kids under 13 Chat live srbija

You don't, any user under the age of 13 is barred from creating an account.

If a user under 13 is found to have an account it will be deleted.

Online dating is not considered safe for 13-year-olds, so nobody has made a site for it.

Dating sites in the US may not include minors under the age of 18.

Dating is not an activity for those who are still essentially children.

Your 11 you are an inocent child dont get involved in dating sites some wierdo could be pretending to be a child sweetheart i would just leave the dating sites until ur older Not legally.

About all internet communities has a teen (13 years) age restricion, and dating sites are 18.

No, there are not good dating sites for 13 year olds.

Most social networking sites, like Facebook, consider 13 the youngest age to start social networking, and online dating is not a smart place to start social networking.

Although it is reccommended by many, that kids under 13 should not necessarily have an account for safety issues and concerns.

not that i know of just try one of the major social networks.

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