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The valves and slides move easily- this one is ready to play. Buyer is to pay applicable import duties/taxes- We CANNOT reduce the shipping value to your country. It's in VERY good shape for being so old but does still show some wear from all these years. About Us The Music Shop has been supporting music education for over 30 years. Students, parents, and musical educators need- instruments, music, accessories, repairs, rentals, and lessons. If for any reason you feel unable to leave a 5 star feedback rating. Solid Sterling Silver Bell– with gold wash interior. There are some small scratches but none would show up in the pictures. I sell these horns on E-bay at a great discount to the buyer. Original case, extra slides Restore or Repair It is all there- including the original missing brace and extra slides. This was the MOST EXPENSIVE finish you could buy at this time! Lacquer finish, excellent condition with very minimal lacquer wear in a few spots. This horn has seen very little use in its lifetime. Feel free to message me with any questions you might have about the horn. Just gone over and received an enthusiastic thumbs up from our brass tech. We CANNOT reduce the shipping value to your country. Our repairman has gone through everything so all valves and slides and nice and lubed and everything operates like it should with no air leaks or sticking. Valves have excellent plating and compression and are smooth silky in action. Our 16,000 square foot facility provides all these services in one convenient location. 15 private and group lesson studios, recording studio, recital hall, and a state-of-the-art repair facility. This is one of the most popular trumpets of all time. Please send us a message so we can resolve any issue before leaving your feedback. We are listing items weekly so keep looking in for great deals! There are minor scratches and a couple of minor dings. Quality used horns are made stronger and with more precision than newer cheap horns. It still plays but it needs a valve job and replate. King Cleveland Silver Plated Trumpet with Gold Trim CWith lightly gold toned Vincent Bach 7C mouthpiece and New Accent semi soft case Just out of the shop flushed. Rest assured all my instruments need nothing but someone to play them! It has been recently cleaned, with new felts and cork installed; it's ready to play. White Silver Tone trumpet dates between 19, and was made in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Both brass and sterling silver bells feature significant filigree with the latter adding inlay gold as well. The brass bells were much simpler in style than the sterling silver bells and would not have required as much “finishing” time on the production line. Reynolds B♭ Trumpet | Body: brass bell, tubing and valve block; nickel-silver leadpipe and upper valve casings (balusters) | Valves: top-loaded, inner-spring, solid nickel-silver valve pistons | Finish: clear lacquer F. Reynolds B♭ Trumpet | Body: brass bell, tubing, valve block; nickel-silver leadpipe | Valves: top-loaded, inner-spring, solid nickel-silver valve pistons | Finish: clear lacquer; silverplate optional F. Reynolds B♭ Trumpet | Body: brass bell, valve cluster; nickel-silver leadpipe, upper valve casings (balusters) and outer valve slides | Valves: top-loaded, inner-spring, solid nickel-silver valve pistons | Finish: clear lacquer; silverplate optional Circa 1949, there were minor design changes made to F. Reynolds trumpets: while the overall design and bell engravings remained the same, the updated models can be distinguished by their lower profile valve buttons and flat bottom valve caps.

Instant valve response with solid nickel silver pistons. Model 51, deluxe, sterling silver bell with hand-burnished gold inlaid engraving, the most distinctive instrument. While the engraving style on this early 1950s trumpet matches other F. Reynolds models, the body materials and design is that of the Emperor model, introduced in 1947.

Built with either brass bell or beautifully finished sterling silver bell. The most glamorous trumpets used by the most discriminating players for over two decades. The one-piece outer valve casings especially stand out and do not match the design used on Reynolds’ original trumpets or subsequent Professional line.

The UMI takeover occured in 1985, making this a coveted Pre-UMI example. We can no longer ship to the Russian Federation due to a high rate of theft. Due to USPS guidelines- certain countries will not accept USPS packages over 42" If that is the case. Extra Length in Tuning Slide, smoother working with extra tuning length. The buttons/slides seem to move nice and freely without being too loose. It is a highly cost-effective choice for trumpet players! Case, and mouthpiece Item may end early if there are no bids due to the fact that it is also for sale in our store. Slightly“darker” with more overtones and the tone will not crack-ever! This splendid Trumpet with its solid sterling silver bell and lead pipe is in extraordinary shape for its age. The hinges and latches are in great working condition. If you are not receiving our emails please check your email spam filters. Operating Hours: M-F am- PM Central Standard Time Is there a Buyitnow? Also has(standard on this model) newly patented Modular Valve Weight(MVW) System(This is a set of weighted bottom end caps, each in three sections that can be screwed together in different sets)Bid and Buy with confidence from ARIZONA MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. KING 2055 SILVER FLAIR SERIES Bb TRUMPET w/ 1st VALVE SLIDE THUMB ADJUSTMENT w/ Original Case Received from seller to Arizona Musical Instruments of Phoenix. King Silver Flair Model 2055 Serial number# 5 731170 Made sometime in the 80's Made in USA Silver Plated 1st Valve Slide Thumb Adjustment This horn is in excellent playing condition. Serviced and tested at ARIZONA MUSIC Band Instrument Shop. ===================================== SPECS: Professional King Silver Flair Trumpet(These are excellent horns) One of the most popular trumpets of all time. The two men collaborated, White providing his mechanical skill, King contributing his experience as an artist. Included with this trumpet is the original case and a 7C Mouthpiece Free Shipping! United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and most of Mainland Europe. It comes with the deluxe case, two mouthpieces and a Tom Crown mute. I do have the Email from him explaining the history of this trumpet and how Al Hirt came to buy it for him as a gift in the 1960s from a pawn shop. All the cleanouts come off easily, very very well cared for instrument, comes with everything pictured including two mouthpieces- HERCO and BACH 7cw.

This horn also has the first valve trigger for on the fly'fine tuning' Beautiful. We are honest, relaxed people who want to make you happy, and we can. The priorities of this purchase are: Your happiness- Our attention to detail. 2 Trumpet- Everything new about it from mouthpiece to rim of bell. New and Modern Engraving, creating a beautiful, two-toned effect on the regular model and an artistic four-tone effect on the Silvertone Model. Purchase 2 refurbished instruments and receive a 20$ discount· Purchase 3 refurbished instruments and receive a 30$ discount· Purchase 4 or more refurbished instruments and receive a 50$ discount If you wish to purchase multiple instruments. White Super 20 Symphony model- the finest trumpet ever offered by the House of King. Hand-crafted trumpet features the exclusive King“dual bore” which combines the advantage of two bores sizes to produce the broad sound of a large bore with less effort than is required for a medium bore. The dual bore design allows for better control coupled with a solid sterling silver leadpipe and bell. The body of the Trumpet is in great shape and has no scratches. The valves are super fast(like new) with no apparent loss of air pressure. The Silver Flair also features a 1st valve slide trigger for easy intonation adjustment. White named it the"King" trombone, after his friend. There are numerous small dents in the trumpet and many scratches in the lacquer. It has a cleaning rod and the original King Owner's Manual.

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