Dating scams turkey who is nick jonas dating july 2016

You decide to get a shoe shine, the guy starts doing his thing and soon your shoes are about as shiny as the new car he’s going to buy once he charges you a 1000% markup on the local price.Always agree on the price before you receive a service.I love Turkey, it’s a beautiful country filled with amazing things and places like Fethiye or the Turquoise Coast.

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Istanbul scams take many forms but all involve parting you with your money.And to make matters worse, the ‘contact’ details they gave you are also fake. Immediately go through the 7 stages of Istanbul scam reactions and get out the razor. Check your credit card balances regularly, like every few days!2) Keep receipts for everything and go through them for errors.You have cash and are only going to be in town for a day or so, which means that you’ve paid and are gone before you know anything about it and there’s no chance of going back somewhere and kicking someone’s arse..yet even more likely, you won’t even notice till you’re safe and sound back at home and far, far away from old Istanbul.

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