Dating my antique pot bellied stove internet dating after first date

Your genuine antique to be had, may require nothing more than a simple coat of stove blacking paint or some panes of mica to replace the windows.

Or in the case of newer models you may have to hunt out a replacement gasket to keep the firebox airtight.

Next in sequence check the hearth for adequate size – adequate for heat and fire safety and perhaps as well for aesthetics and interior design needs. You or a heating trades professional or local handyman will have to determine whether the composition is of cast iron itself or sheet metal. A cast-iron stove to the trained or untrained eye will basically have the same “rough surface” of what will remind you of a cast iron skillet whereas a shiny-metal stove has a smooth and often shiny type surface.

If you find that you do have a sheet metal type stove you should be more concerned with apparent condition and condition.

She enjoys exploring foreign locales and hiking off the beaten path stateside, snapping pics of wildlife and nature instead of selfies.

More than one home owner has decided to restore a “real” American made potbellied stove back to service.

Just check out your local outlets that sell wood stoves.

Yet these appliances were not of the throw away variety as we “enjoy” today.

American made goods then was made to be used and people “fixed” appliances as opposed to just chucking them out on the hop.

Amazingly these gaskets were relatively standardized and can be easily had at local heating or heating and plumbing stores and outlets.

In a pinch if you find the sealing gasket hard to obtain – check at various online outlets via email or toll free numbers.

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