Dating more successful women

She will feel like a tag along, which isn’t exactly what you should be going for. I think it’s pretty standard that guys want a girl with whom they can try fun stuff with, especially guy stuff.

Apparently, guys are turned on by watching a girl do guy stuff, so much so, that they get carried away and make a date out of it.

Since you should be trying to make a standout first impression, always keep her in mind when planning your date.

Here are 7 date ideas that are surefire fails: #1 Going for coffee.

You might see a shooting range as a mutual adrenaline rush, where you can show off your bravado, but it is yet another place that just isn’t date worthy.

Before you begin trying to explain why that’s not true, consider this: even though you might like to go shopping, you wouldn’t appreciate a girl asking you out on a date to the mall right?

While she might reason that “you mentioned on the phone how good you feel when buying a new pair of sneakers,” you would still feel like you’re being dragged along to one of things. Similarly, the same way it would be hard for her to focus on you or get to know you better while distracted by shiny new pumps and colorful dresses, you would not be giving her the attention she deserved while trying to keep track of a game.

I know it can seem very cliché and romantic, as you daydream about standing behind her to help her angle her gun properly, she probably has different and more traditional scenarios in mind. As much as you want a companion to join you to watch that hardcore action flick you’ve been dying to see, using that as a date idea is going to come off as looking self-centered.

It might feel like you’re killing two birds with one stone, seeing the girl and seeing the movie you wanted to watch, but it’s not bringing the two of you any closer together, when the genre is all fast-paced and probably violent.

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