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It’s also the only place where I’d show up on the same list of “Women We Love” as Ellen De Generes.

[website] editor: Leith Clark single issue: .99 US subscription: £27 UK // 2 issues “When you open a Lula everyone’s a girl and everyone likes each other. I made a magazine of women looking at women, without that competitiveness and that hard edge that we think we need as we get older.” – editor Leigh Clark is a gigantic super-heavy epically expensive (in the US) British magazine that comes out a few times a year and is (justifiably) worshipped by its followers.

[website] independently owned editor-in-chief: Debbie Stoller single issue: .99 subscribe: .95 // six issues BUST’s focus on DIY and independent musicians/writers/artists has made a major impact on girl culture and the lady-mag world.

Straight out of the gate, BUST was all about the crafting and other nerdy pursuits (feature articles are often about things like HISTORY!

Recent issues feature stories about trans writer & publisher Paris Lees, “Lesbians Who Love Musicals,” smashing the “Lesbian Glass Ceiling,” Lesbian Misogynists, Sheffield’s gay scene, Glasgow’s Queercore night, Margaret Cho, Bisexuality for Beginners, Judy Chicago and naked lesbians.

Speaking of other women’s fitness magazines, here’s how I feel about them: is okay, but there’s way too much self-help crap in there, pages upon pages of babble about how to be happier in 8 steps or something or sleep stress-free in five minutes a night.

Just tell me how to get hot inner thigh muscles, mmk?

Also, it’s rad that they decided to expand their target audience to explicitly include trans youth as well.

If you have a daughter over the age of 12, you should get her a subscription to this magazine ASAP, and maybe one for yourself too.

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