Dating lazy men

We can all have a good time and it doesn’t have to go anywhere (see the VIP lounge).But, as men, we had to find other measures of what defined a good time besides meeting large quantities of strange women with no future beyond 24-hours.

While we didn’t see it this way as men, women began to view our approaches as increasingly lazier. We weren’t chasing them as much and some in the group even began to declare that they were over chasing women and putting in work, period.

Instead, for many women, it seems like men their age (and older) are just looking to have fun.

This is why a number of women are frustrated by the perceived lack of men they have to choose from when they are ready to settle down.

As a former well-paid Director confided in me once, “you have to work really hard to get to a point where you hardly work.” Today, right or wrong, it’s as if modern men have to be sold on the benefits of a committed relationship/marriage.

Entire groups of marriageable-aged men are perfectly content not approaching, courting, or putting in any significant amount of work to meet marriageable-aged women. Grown men whom I’ve personally witnessed chase women across clubs, lounges, bars, parking lots, stores and everywhere in between in their youth now see a woman of interest and let her walk on by, no Isaac Hayes.

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