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Initial stages include the deposition of lipids in vascular endothelial cells, whereas more advanced stages are characterized by fibrotic changes with formation of a fibrotic cap and, eventually, plaque rupture (5).

LAS exhibits the highest heritability of all stroke subtypes, with estimates ranging from 40.3 to 66.6% (6, 7).

Kim said her logic behind choosing the Impossible Burger night was simple.

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The single-residue variation M1(A213V) in serpin family A member 1 () [encoding alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT)] is situated outside the protease-reactive inhibitory loop and is found in a β-turn on the protein surface.The burgers didn’t quite resemble the juicy, pinkish patties described by multiple media outlets.They were crunchy outside, with the texture of a beef patty.About a quarter of ischemic stroke cases are caused by large artery atherosclerotic stroke (LAS) (3, 4).Atherosclerosis is a chronic inflammatory condition that involves a number of well-characterized steps.

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