Dating gibson mandolins

In 1949 an early attempt at an electric Ukulele was tried by fitting special steel strings and a pickup to a Tenor.In 1961 Gibson brought out a Baritone still in the type 1 style but some had black headstocks too.It is the case with these names though that no Ukuleles or Banjoleles are believed to have used them(?

Usually there were 3 levels for Ukuleles but this was all much less rigid that Martins with, in some catalogues, the better one just being called "Deluxe".This proved successful straight away so they extended the range in 1926 with the bigger UB2, 3 and 4 models (some say there was the gold plated UB5 too, but from the catalogues it is unclear whether this was supposed to be a extra model number or just the UB4 Deluxe?) The 3 and 4 also got the flanged resonators and an increasing level of decoration.However since this is already a very long entry I have a made a separate one for them.Epiphone also had a long history of Banjolele manufacture before Gibson took them over so there is another entry for the Epiphone's more historic offerings.

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