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Not only does it take advantage of their feelings, it can set you back on your road to healing from the separation.That said, if you meet someone who makes your heart flutter, then this might be a relationship you want to pursue. Be upfront about the fact you’re dating while separated Bringing up the ex is often seen as a dating no-no.Temporary Child Custody - Determining where the children will live.Leaving the Marital Home - What are your obligations.

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Then you'll know that it's a time where huge changes meet hope and excitement for the future.

Take up a new hobby, invite friends around, throw yourself into your career: the main thing is to work on being strong and happy by yourself, rather than trying to get that from someone new. Only date someone if things really are over with your ex You might have begun the process of cutting financial and domestic ties with your partner but as clinical therapist Sherry Amatenstein, LCSW advises, you’re not ready to date someone new until you’ve cut the emotional ties too.

If you secretly long for reconciliation, or if you’re thinking of it more as a relationship break than a separation, you simply aren’t ready to be dating.

Separation Advice - Answers to the most common questions about separation.

How To File For A Legal Separation - Get tips on what to address in your papers and how to access the correct forms. - Find out the answer and how to protect your finances before your file for a divorce.

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