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The city's iconic Craigmiles Hall was constructed in 1878 as an opera house and meeting hall.Numerous factories were also established, including the Hardwick Stove Company in 1879, the Cleveland Woolen Mills in 1880, and the Cleveland Chair Company in 1884.During and after the American Revolutionary War, European Americans came into increasing conflict with the Cherokee by migrating west of the Appalachian Mountains and encroaching on Cherokee territory.The Cherokee had tolerated traders but resisted settlers who tried to take over their territory. By the 1830s, white settlers had begun to move rapidly into the area in anticipation of the Cherokee Removal, which began with the Treaty of New Echota in December 1835.Long before the time of European encounter, this area was part of a large territory occupied by the Cherokee Nation, which extended into the South to present-day western North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama.The first Europeans to reach the area now occupied by Cleveland and Bradley County were most likely an expedition led by Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto, who are believed to have camped along Candies Creek in the western part of present day Cleveland on the night of June 2, 1540.The commissioners chose "Taylor's Place," the home of Andrew Taylor, as the location for the county seat, due largely to the site's excellent water sources.The city was formally established as the county seat on January 20, 1838, and that year was reported to have a population of 400, and was home to two churches (one Presbyterian, the other Methodist), and a school for boys, the Oak Grove Academy.

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