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Bear in mind that any mail or correspondence you receive through our system will always appear in your profile inbox in the normal way irrespective of which service the sender is a member of.Please note, for security reasons your log in details will only work on the service you originally joined.Dating Buzz South Africa provides a safe, secure and anonymous way to find and communicate with people of your choice.

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Just click on the Forgotten Password link, complete the simple form and we'll email you a reminder of your username and a link that allows you to reset your password.

You can find details of these services Network Services.

Remember, our two-way matching process helps all of our members select suitable profiles, so even though yours may be seen by other users of the services listed, generally they will only see your profile if you both match what you are jointly looking for.

If you are not sure about this, we recommend that you simply hide your profile. All newly uploaded photos must be checked and approved by our support staff before they become publicly visible.

The same is true of existing photos if you change your main profile photo.

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