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Reality set in quickly and I learned that I had been naive and inexperienced at relationships.

My dysfunctional family, the one I grew up with, had not set me up for success and I suffered with my inability to handle conflict as a result.

I feel like a teenager again, I think that these are all the kind of feelings I wish I had had for my wife.

For the record, we have never laid a finger on each other, never kissed, never declared our love for each other but I get the feeling that the reason she has been opening up to me is to invite me into her life./r/relationships I am laying myself bare in front of you to dissect.

If you decide to end your marraige, it has to be for you.When we first met I was flattered because she pursued me, we had some fun but I allowed myself to be rushed into marriage.I thought that my concerns were just fear and that if I put the brakes on I was going sabotage the best thing that I had at that time, I thought that my fears would fall away by the idyllic life I was going to lead with a woman who loved me and her daughters with whom we were going to make a perfect family.We have been working very closely, at work we face the same kind of pressures doing the same kind of work and being in the same field we can relate to each other's points of view and approaches.Over a year ago I started to suspect that my wife was cheating on me, I found some strange text messages on her phone and was having a major bummer of a day, I asked my workmate if we could have coffee, which was not unusual, so we went out together and I opened up about what I had found in the hope to get a level headed female perspective.

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