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My Date with a Vampire is a 1998 Hong Kong television series produced by ATV.The story is based on the future events of the plot of Vampire Expert, a similar two-season television drama aired on ATV in 19.He enlists the help of TV occult expert Mister M (Yuen Wah), who all but confirms Eric's suspicions: the sisters are vampires.Worse, they must suck the life out of one good man to cure their aversion to daylight, and have ear-marked Eric as the designated "good man".It blends aspects of the "hopping" corpses of jiangshi fiction with those of western vampires, while injecting elements of Chinese mythology and modern horror legends.The series is a tribute to Lam Ching-ying, the lead actor of Vampire Expert and a prominent cast member in the Mr.Dating a Vampire compensates for its poor writing and low budget with stuff that's even worse.The result: an out-and-out bad movie, and another reason to give up on Wong Jing-produced work.

dating a vampire chinese movie-42dating a vampire chinese movie-16dating a vampire chinese movie-64 watch the recent Dating a Vampire, the answer to the above question is an unequivocal "Yes!

What's important is that the stolen idea somehow makes it into a semi-entertaining motion picture.

If you've seen Wong Jing's earlier efforts, you'll know that it's possible.

The sets are distractingly spartan, and the make-up laughably applied.

The vampires' whiteface make-up frequently rubs off, and their claws look to be applied with rubber cement. Miki Yeung and Alex Fong are passable, but don't generate enough chemistry to make their Chinese Ghost Story-like plotline even remotely compelling.

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