Dating a uno vac thermos

In 1903, the German glass blower Reinhold Burger got a German patent for his patent.

In 1906, the Thermos Gmb H was formed by Reinhold Burger, Albert Aschenbrenner and Gustav Robert Paalen.

The production of "Thermos" bottles in the United States was based on US patent 13,093.

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In 1958, Aladdin Industries announced intent to sell "thermos bottles", and Thermos sued for infringement.

In 1962, Judge Robert Anderson ruled that "thermos" was a generic term, due largely to Thermos's own publicization and lack of diligence in defending the trademark.

As the company and vacuum flask market grew, it became increasingly protective of its trademark, which it registered in 1923, following a narrow lawsuit victory over flask retailer W. A 1940 internal memo said the definitions "undoubtedly would be cited against us in a lawsuit to defend the trademark.

The best we can do is to try to 'purify' the definition of the word." Into the 1950s, Thermos continued its efforts to protect it, creating various products (tents, lanterns, campstoves) bearing the name to affirm it as a brand name, not an item.

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