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The baby deserves a baby role model Peace im in the exact same situation this loser doesnt participate and tells my girl his son needs a daddy (a poor excuse to get back in) but too late cause big daddy is on the case now......anyway his son's birthday was 07/11/2010 and on 07/10/2010 me and this clown got into a phone altercation so I told dude like this,ya only get one warning can do for your kid or not don't care I work everyday for the bread plus I make music recordings for different people.They haven't been together for 9 months and he swears up and down that they're together.

Most of the time she's with me, and the only time she's around him is if she's dropping off or picking up her son.and about to take him shopping and then I asked what he had on that ticket and he hung up, sob aint called no may say I was wrong but say playa you aint taking care of ya kid it aint my fault. but you aint got no say so when ya a deadbeat no count daddy homie none at all......It may sound mean, but I would have charged her to the game.It almost says something about ones decision making skills, but we all make mistakes.

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