Dating a climber

If you wake up alone in a cold, dark van, you’re like, ‘I’ve gotta get out there and ascend and be rad!’ If you wake up next to a partner and you’re cozy, you’re happy — why go? ”“I think in a lot of ways,” she continued, “my role was to say over and over again: ‘I think you can have it all.

“We have something in our lives like that we work through.It’s this very dichotomy that makes “Free Solo” — a National Geographic film that opened in theaters Friday — work so well.“Part of the thing about me working with Alex is that I’m very, very close to it, so I have a deep understanding of the climbing ethos, the culture, how he approaches it, his capacity to make assessments and risk,” Chin explained.“But Chai has a totally objective view of it.” He was sitting next to his wife with Honnold and Mc Candless in a hotel room earlier this month, a couple of days after “Free Solo” screened at the Toronto International Film Festival.“I was very much committed to learning: What did I do wrong? How am I affecting you, and how are you affecting me?”Sensing the tension in the room, Vasarhelyi chimed in.“I think what the film was trying to say,” she offered, “was that we were questioning Alex’s judgment for training with a novice when he’s training for this big objective.

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