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Our research in Tectonics aims at unraveling the relationships between earthquakes and aseismic fault slip, fault properties, crustal deformation and landscape evolution.

Faculty in this area use a broad range of techniques to document active deformation (seismology, GPS geodesy, remote sensing, morphotectonics), and the structure and long term deformation history of the crust (structural geology, seismic imaging, thermochonology, metamorphic petrology).

Lee is the Facility Manager for the NSF/UVM Community Cosmogenic Facility; she oversees the daily operations of the lab, collaborates on visitors' projects, and trains visitors one-on-one in sample preparation methods.

She has been in the Cosmogenic Nuclide Laboratory for over a decade, having completed both her MS (2011) and her Ph D (2016) at UVM.

Tectonic evolution of the continental lithosphere through judicious combination of field observation and geophysical and geochemical methods, physical processes governing the large-scale structural evolution of mountain belts, especially extension of the continental crust and processes in the deep lithosphere, GPS geodesy and neotectonics, especially earthquakes and slow episodic deformations revealed through comparison of geodetic and geologic measurements.

Global geodynamics: mantle convection, plate tectonics and the dynamic coupling between mantle processes and continental and sea floor geology; chemical and thermal evolution of the mantle and crust; Marine geophysics; computational geophysics: frameworks, finite element analysis, and parallel processing.

doi:10.1130/G37225.1 (see related blog post) Davis, P.

(2015) Cosmogenic exposure age evidence for rapid Laurentide deglaciation of the Katahdin area, west-central Maine, USA, 16 to 15 ka.

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(2018) Cosmogenic nuclides indicate that boulder fields are dynamic, ancient, multigenerational features.

doi:10.1002/2016GL071276 Koester, A., Shakun, J., Bierman, P.

(2017) Rapid thinning of the Laurentide Ice Sheet in coastal Maine, USA during late Heinrich Stadial 1.

(2015) Landscape chronology and glacial history in Thule, northwest Greenland.

doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.20 Portenga, E., Bierman, P.

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