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ADS also prohibits bonus depreciation and imposes limitations on immediate expensing of assets under section 179.

More specifically, Section 179 expenses must be deducted over five years such that in any year that Section 179 is elected, four-fifths or 80% of the resulting expense must be added back to taxable income to determine E&P.

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In other words, E&P captures a C corporation's accumulated prior and current capital. It defines the tax treatment of corporation distributions.Increases to taxable income, decreases to taxable income, timing issues and accounting method issues. Because E&P aims to measure a corporation's economic ability to make a distribution without hindering its capital, it is necessary to increase taxable income by all income items that were excluded from taxable income.For instance, the tax-exempt interest on municipal bonds, tax-exempt life insurance proceeds, and federal income tax refunds in prior years are economic income items that could be distributed to shareholders. Similarly, it is necessary to decrease taxable income by all expenses that were disallowed for one reason or another.First, earnings and profits (E&P) will be discussed, and you will learn how to calculate E&P.Next, you will analyze the treatment of cash distributions followed by property distributions.

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