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* It is possible that the MSU author reran the New York study's statistical model using Michigan-specific data to find the savings over a three-year period.However, the report does not provide any results from a regression if one was used, nor does it mention anything about rerunning the statistical model.Thurston Elementary School students board a waiting Ann Arbor school bus last winter.Short of consolidation, Michigan school districts could save substantial money by sharing services, such as busing.One student from each school was selected to have their writing piece showcased, and turned into a digital story.The WCS Board of Education honored the winners of the American Education Week Poster Contest at the December 5th Board of Education meeting.Additionally, hard copies of individual school letters may be viewed in each school’s main office and a hard copy of the district letter may be viewed at the Administration Building.

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The required Annual Education Reports are available for public viewing.

The poster contest is sponsored by the Warren Education Association.

A new Michigan State University report on school consolidation appears to contain a substantial amount of plagiarized material, including whole paragraphs that seem to have originated from other sources, the Mackinac Center reported Aug. Diligent reviewers shouldn't stop there, however, because the study's methodology is also deeply flawed.

The MSU report also misrepresents the data by claiming not to include charter schools in the consolidation, but including them in its cost savings calculations.

The MSU report itself explains why doing so is a mistake: "(C)harter schools are not considered for potential inclusion in school district consolidation since they are intended to function independently.

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