Consolidating knowledge paula marshall and danny nucci dating

Thanks to the collected data, the forgetting speed is measured for each learner and the algorithms recommend a reminder just before the learner’s knowledge and skills vanish.

Estimate an optimised revision plan with spaced repetition for each user based on his forgetting curve.

Once it is set up you will be able to use the same login for all of your accounts. Step 2: Click Manage Consolidated Accounts to open the Account Consolidation Manager page.

Step 3: Click Consolidate Account to add an account you’d like to consolidate.

But I guess it’s time for the world to finally see who I truly was back in college…I was… Yes, one of those extreme students who made sure to always carry at least 4 colors of pen, a straight edge, and a clean, clearly-labeled notebook.I also had a complete misunderstanding of the purpose of notes in the first place…Didn’t I ever stop to think that maybe it’s not about the information: that it’s not about making pretty pictures and making sure you’ve covered EVERYTHING that comes out of the professor’s mouth or your textbook pages? Notes are not about simply recording information, but about ACTUALLY getting new information into your head.Yes, you want to be on top of what the professor is saying, but better to actually LISTEN and take down notes on his key points, than act like a copying robot, making sure the spacing on your graph is perfect, and that you select the correct color of pen with the appropriate weight for drawing a parabola…Ridiculousness is all I have to say about how I used to behave… And I can serve up my own errors as an example for other students so that you don’t make the same mistake I did.I’ll give my answer in a second, but before that let’s put some constraints on ourselves…There’s only so much you’re ever going to get out of reading the text, reviewing your notes, listening to lectures, etc.Active use of new material is what cements it into your memory, not passive review.

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