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In the past year, for example, two of the hottest financial names in cannabis, Acreage Holdings and Canopy Growth Corporation, have both achieved numerous firsts and feats, from their portfolio size and public-trading status to their political visibility. (AP Photo/Dave Kolpack) It's been a busy few years in American cannabis for businesses big and small, but not every development has been promising—and while 'growing pains' occur at any size, critics say trends in Big Cannabis should already be sparking deeper concern.The well and the driveway are on the vacant property. The fees she alluded to are for a new survey, drafting a new legal description and recording those documents with the county’s register of deeds.

It is strictly a judgment, but a five-year payback is common.

Put together, they'd account for a frankly colossal force in the North American cannabis market, and a powerful one globally.

As The Motley Fool reported in May, for example, responding to news of a 2.7%  Acreage shareholder contesting the sale, .

Through the Act, individuals may apply for a desert land entry to reclaim, irrigate, and cultivate certain public lands.

For more information see this Q&A on Desert Land Entries.

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