Colby survivor dating liquidating a ltd

Then you just look like the guy who is trying hard and wants to win and you become a target.

There is no longer credit given to those who contribute around camp, or bring in the fish, or are easy to get along with, or dominate challenges.

He was killing us in the challenges and then they got rid of him, so from where we sat it made sense.

And we knew, or assumed at that point, that Parvati had a pretty good control of the situation over there.

We caught up with him hot on the heels of his exit as he chatted about the biggest changes this time around and his strategy of "going under the radar".

Do you think things would have been different for you if you had gotten James out before Tom? As soon as Stephenie was sent home and then Tom soon after, it just made horrible strategic sense to me. It became obvious that the game was truly about having the strong alliance and the numbers, and we were on the short side of that so it spelt trouble for us, and as a result we started to lose a bunch of challenges after that." Was it your strategy to be a little weaker in challenges this time?

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