Cm punk dating maria kanellis

At his best heel, he mistreated Elizabeth, all for the storyline of course.

Eventually, she came out and talked about the domestic abuse she allegedly endured while they were together. After he left WWE he began seeing fellow DX member Triple H’s ex-girlfriend, Chyna.Chyna began to speak out after their break up about the abuse she supposedly endured, also throwing X-Pac under the bus. There is also a lot of drama and controversy surrounding the adult film they released together.One of the best heartfelt stories in the WWE during the 80’s was these two lovebirds.The WWE used this to their advantage with on-screen story lines involving the trio, including a title belt and a “live sex celebration”. This will go down in history as one of WWE’s worst real-life breakups.Maria Louis Kanellis (born February 25, 1982) is an American professional wrestler, valet, actress, model and singer currently signed to WWE, performing on the Smack Down brand as the manager of her real-life husband Mike Kanellis, but is inactive because of her pregnancy.

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