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These ten skits hold a mirror up to the audience that allows them to laugh at their own shortcomings.

Emphasis is placed not so much on the "Thou shalt not's", but on the "why's." The actors will enjoy presenting the humorous and ironic situations and will themselves learn through the experienc... Here are a dozen humorous skits with messages that really hit home.

"Come, Ye Thankful People" is a play for teens which allows them to show a family with seemingly nothing to be thankful for just how full of thanksgiving their lives should be. 44 pages 3 - 12 actors per sketch If you're looking for attention-getting drama to lead your group to a higher level of spiritual maturity, this is it.

"Charades" has a good lesson on setting the right priorities in our lives.The sketches are as convicting as they are entertaining.At the conclusion of each, all will know that the best answers to life's problems can only be found Under His Direction. 0 pages Flexible cast Had trouble finding competition pieces for your teens?Younger actors will love the humorous skits "You Can't Throw Fits About Church," "Jesus, Math and Cookies," "A Day in God's Army," and "An Interview With Noah." They require from two to four actors each.The other five skits, for 2 to 7 teen actors, cover more mature subjects. " and "An Argument With God." Another skit, a sinner's gut-wrenching "The Road to the Cross," is about the love of Christian friends.

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