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God will certainly forgive you, and he can certainly redeem even the most broken of marriages, but you'll still have to live with the consequences of your decision.

Ultimately, choosing to wait is really a matter of faith. Of trusting God to sustain you, husband or no husband. Nancy Ortberg is a church leadership consultant and popular speaker.

How could a quality marriage be built and maintained if you disagree on the most crucial issue in the universe—the Lord Jesus Christ?

The real question should be, "Why would you want to marry a non-Christian?

Paul goes on to remind believers that they are the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, who inhabits their hearts at salvation (2 Corinthians -17).

A great marriage becomes a place of shelter, hope, and strength during difficult times, and a place of deep joy and thankfulness to God for all the goodness we experience.

In my marriage, our shared belief in God provides a bedrock for the shared values that define our relationship and our family.

In light of God's vision for marriage, the question, "Is it a sin to marry a non-Christian? Marrying a non-Christian may, in the short run, bring satisfaction.

Most still love their husband, but they miss so much of what God intended their marriage to be.

And if children are involved, the complications and heartaches in these marriages are even greater.

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