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Make sure that you avoid any unintentional connotations to your gift by following these rules: Business Etiquette Business in Chile is formal, conservative, and heavily based around personal relationships and networks.

If you find yourself conducting any sort of business in Chile, expect to find a strict hierarchy within companies, and a strong emphasis on contacts.

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Avoid wearing any revealing clothing, such as sleeveless tops, short skirts/shorts, or low-cut tops.For women, a kiss on the right cheek is a common greeting.Dining Etiquette Chileans treat their guests with hospitality and generosity.You might feel that your personal space is being invaded a little bit, but for people in Chile, this is just a sign of friendliness, closeness, and interest in what the other person is saying.Schedules tend to be laid-back, and in most informal situations, it is not considered rude to be late.

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