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So that sort of leaves a guessing game for anyone with a Sempron. I'm not using it until I read a valid reason to do so from mr.reed...i dont speak in what i call "geekinese" but I like plain language explainations..reason the driver updater does not specifically say semperon is because the microcode update mentioned covers more than just that series of AMD processor probably know AMD has produced many processors under many different names...Is this due to my computer having a Sempron 2.0Ghz?I do have 3GB of memory, but some of that may be reserved for video card.

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In addition to those problems, Firefox web browser can get heavy.

I have now as of this date converted 44 computers here in alamogordo new mexico to linux mint..majority of them have been running AMD processors...about 25 percent have been intel processors...

I have run the driver updater on ALL of these computers but ONLY after running and installing ALL mint updates first and rebooting...

FYI there are numerous processors manufactured by AMD with various product names.

There is no mention of Sempron anywhere on the download.

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