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“The thing that drew me to Lulu was that dating without a reference is the scariest thing you can do,” said Erin Foster, 31, an actress and writer.

Last summer, Neel Shah, a comedy writer, was at a bar in Los Angeles on a date with a woman who pulled up his profile.“Sororities are an established network of girls who are talking about relationships, and word spreads very quickly,” Ms. “We changed the product a lot with their help.” (She said that a quarter of all college women now use Lulu, according to Mixpanel.)Ms. Chong founded Lulu with a friend, Alison Schwartz, a former assistant to the literary agent Amanda Urban, known as Binky. She said she drew from Cosmopolitan and Glamour magazines to come up with the app’s supportive voice.Chong herself never belonged to a sorority; she attended Florida International University on a tennis scholarship and after law school worked for Upstream, a large mobile marketing firm. Last February, they secured .5 million in financing from people including Yuri Milner, an early investor in Facebook, and Hosain Rahman, a founder of Jawbone. “Our goal was always to sound like how young women talk to their own friends,” she said. Brockway met last spring on Maui at a kite-surfing and networking event where she was giving a lecture and he was shooting a promotional video. Chong’s Lulu lectures, unaware of her plan to demonstrate her app by reviewing him in front of his friends and family members.“People thought she was teasing,” Mr.“I think sometimes girls feel like they don’t have that much power in the hookup world,” Ms.Robinson said, “but this gives them something to bond over, and you can give advice to a girl you’ve never met before.” Appropriately enough, the app was introduced in sororities, which representatives of the company continue to visit.

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