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You’re right about starting position: the difference between first gate pick and fourth isn’t the difference between winning or finishing off the podium.I think some of the drive to be fastest qualifier has to do with confidence.So, for me, the humidity was a killer because my body’s cooling mechanism was less effective.The elevation wasn’t that tough for me because temps were typically cooler.Surely the fastest guys can work with that just as well as the first pick.I ask because of Austin Forkner's experiences in supercross this year.Does Aldon Baker need to move the camp from Florida to Nepal in South Asia and hire a Sherpa for an assistant?Thanks, Whitebread Whitebread, There are more factors at play in regards to Tomac’s fitness than just geographic location.

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So, regardless of where he calls home, Eli has the tools and DNA structure to be a successful athlete in any realm. For example, I sweat like Kim Kardashian trying to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans any time the temperature climbs above 75 degrees.

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When I go to Colorado to dual sport in the summer, I pack an oxygen tank and defibrillator and write my name and address on my forehead before I head out, yet they come here and just complain about the humidity but still perform well.

Do you think the high altitude is a big advantage to an athlete going all over the country?

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