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4 female and 5 male featured roles Opportunities for featured casting in the ensemble JOHN GUSTAFSON (retired history teacher) – Male, Age 70 MAX GOLDMAN (his neighbor; retired TV repairman) – Male, Age 71 ARIEL TRUAX (college professor; new in town) – Female, Age 52 JACOB GOLDMAN (Max’s son; a lawyer) – Male, Age 39 MELANIE NORTON (John’s daughter; a R. Our live chat service is available for people affected by crime in Avon and Somerset, Greater Manchester, Cumbria, Essex, Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Humberside and South Yorkshire, Kent, Lancashire, London, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Mercia and West Yorkshire.It gives you the chance to talk to our trained supporters online and in confidence.

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Find out more about privacy and data protection in our privacy policy. When you meet someone you like — a salesperson or someone seated next to you at a lunch counter — take the initiative and ask for an email address. GRUMPY OLD MEN is the story of two aging men, Max and John, neighbors who have been feuding for most of their lives.En español | When you were in school, you had no problem making friends. Museums, hospitals, churches, animal shelters and schools are always looking for people to help out. You'll find dozens, even hundreds, of groups in your area, focusing on everything from animals to Zen meditation. If you can't find the right group, you can start your own. Ditto for those years when you were a parent of growing kids. Many churches and synagogues make it a point to welcome newbies and introduce them around. Find opportunities in your area at AARP's or Volunteersof

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