Charry blossom dating

These are the actual meanings behind them for the most part, but to most, they are just pretty flowers. honestly, I've been to japan for three years, and the cherry blossoms are beautiful.So it, like most designs, is all relative to the person wearing it. : Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms, : Flowers in full bloom. they are nice to sit under and have lunch, but the one thing is, I've been there and i don't know what cherry blossoms mean.

The Japanese see the blossom more as a symbol of the duality of life to death in that the flower is beautiful and full of life, and then withers and dies shortly thereafter.

From where they originated to the significance of cherry blossom festivals, here's everything you need to know.

You may have heard the story of America's first president damaging his father's cherry tree with a hatchet as a young boy.

While cherry blossom season usually lasts about a month, from the time the first to the last tree blooms, each individual tree may only flower for about a week.

Unfortunately most people get them for their trendiness as of now, but they have symbolic importance to both the Chinese and the Japanese, but to each..have different meanings as I've learned over the years.

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