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Explore new places, challenge yourself, and win fun prizes by participating in TLC’s Hiking Challenge.

Anyone can enroll in the Hiking Challenge, regardless of if you are a current TLC member.

That’s when we both truly knew we were meant for each other and wanted exclusivity. You’ll understand why I want to fight for this since it’s been ripped from me. Going dark.— Paul Calafiore (@Paul Calafiore_) December 27, 2018Of course, that didn’t happen.

In the meantime, Paulie’s relationship with Cara grew.

However, Cara assumed he was no longer affiliated with her. During his interview with Reality Steve, Paulie Calafiore states he shouldn’t have misled Danielle.He claims Danielle’s sadness from the situation made it difficult to leave.They even attended a couple’s therapy session in Mexico.It seems like Calafiore is still hoping for some kind of reconciliation with Sorbello. Unable to disconnect himself with Danielle, Paulie stayed around.

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