Can tall girls dating short guys

My mom never said anything about height when it came to describing what to look for in a good mate.

That said, my peers did a great job of scaring me away from shorter guys in middle and high school.

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Also feel free to post your thoughts on any part of the article if you'd like :)Not a woman, but this list is from the perspective of one person and isn’t the one true gospel.

Different people will want different things in a relationship, and if your taller girlfriend is dating you then she clearly doesn’t have the same preferences in a relationship that the woman who wrote this article does. I do wonder however how much of this line of thought is taught to girls by theirs mothers.

Even when I was a kid and teen my parents sort of pushed me in the direction of dating shorter women.

They weren't being malicious and they had good intentions but it really does sadden me a bit when this sort of thing happens.

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