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Fathers with disabled children became more involved caregivers than they had been previously.

The widowers had difficulty expressing their grief outwardly.

Widowers' membership in their established religions was instrumental in the widowers' coping with their wives' deaths.

Membership, understanding of, and faith in stated doctrines provided hope.

It was helpful for friends, family, and associates to be patient while the widower worked through his grief and not expect the grief to be resolved in a finite period of time.

Some widowers asked for physical and emotional assistance.

The widower had difficulty defining himself after the death of his wife and difficulty making decisions.Several reported that though they made an effort to be functional in their jobs, much time was spent thinking about their spouse.However, they reported that being at work was better than being at home.They found this emotion to be nearly all-consuming when not with family or work colleagues.One adult child commented about her father: After my mother passed away, he was very shut down, almost dark and extremely depressed. Participants discussed the demonstration of grief through crying.

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