Cullen Grummitt & Roe were appointed as the client representative to undertake the design and supervision of the work in recognition of their worldwide experience of container port design and construction.

This utilised delivery vehicles that would otherwise have returned to the Brett Landscaping works empty.This angularity gives superior locking performance compared to the more commonly used jointing materials and prevents removal from the joints under the action of heavy traffic.Project Management The cornerstone to the success of this contract was the commitment given by, and working relationships between, the four key organisations responsible for ensuring compliance to the contractual requirements.The evolution of the project from design and specification, through to the supply and installation of the concrete block pavers and jointing material, was co-ordinated in such a way as to ensure that all the contractual obligations were fully met to the satisfaction of the client.In order to improve installation efficiency and minimise the need to cut blocks at edge restraints, Zeta Lock was developed to include two purpose made accessories; the half block for pattern completion and the closure block for abutting the block pavement to a straight edge.

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