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The most beautiful aspect of the film is the soulful, melodramatic soundtrack, composed by A. The narrative revolves around Siddhartha, as he roams around Calcutta in search of a job.

He is trying to come to terms with the sudden changes in his life due to the death of his father.

Honestly speaking, if it would been an exact copy of the novel 5 point someone, it would not be as good movie. Great job Mr Rajkumar Hirani, This movie is the best of all time, the emotions given in these are awesome Sholay How is Sholay not #1? The sholey is a milestone and it Has the most popular bandit villain 'Gabbar Singh'. The story of a villagers who fight with english against tax that called "lagaan' with "cricket' a game that is uknown among them, But they play and win. It should be top 1 and nice acting by Aamir Khan I had seen this movie just once when it was released but the best movie ever I was too small at that time but I know each and every seen n even all song with out a mistake Mother India The most strong role played by an 'Nargis'. It has the one of the greates story of a woman's encounter with old indian village life. - Abhi526 Congratulation for successful movie A Very very very very very wonderful movie..kajol BEST jodi in the world! The greatest, the best, and the most amazing movie ever made in this whole wide world. I can watch this movie continuously, whole day long. Still though wonderin y tere naam dint av a higher place on this list :( Greatest movie with greatest star cast Best family drama movie of India Thi is very sweet movie Mughal-E-Azam Nothing to say if you seen this movie, it takes 9 years to make this classic masterpiece and 1 billion of that time (100 billion of today). Taare Zameen Par Because a thought provoking movie with a cast that doesn't overact or try to copy someone else doesn't get in the top 10. Mere Brother Ki Dulhan This was a hilarious movie about marriage and living life to the fullest. Hell, I even enjoyed Imran Khan's character - and THAT'S saying something. Re-introduced Gandhi and "Gandhigiri" to the new generation.

I Just Love It, my favourite movie forever Raj & Simran/SRK & Kajol Forever Awesome movie.. I love this movie and it deserves 1st prize All I could say is that the movie is based on a great plot. Mughal-E-Azam Here is the most populer hindi movie. Lagaan This Movie sets in the old english possesed india. I think the list should be upgraded and the movie should be given a better ranking... Wonderful direction by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra coupled with A. Rahman's beautiful music makes this a classic cult film for the youth. How can it be on number 15 it should be at number 1. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham The first bollywood movie I ever watched it was AWESOME! Also it is family friendly and can be watched by all age groups... This movie teaches never to see any thrash content movie and learn something with lyrically uff songs and nasheele aankhein of guru dutt Lage Raho Munna Bhai Best movie by Rajkumar Hirani. Never thought that would happen One of the best Bollywood has ever produced Anand (1971) Top rated Bollywood movie on imdb deserves to be in top 3 at least An amazing masterpiece which tells a man how to laugh even in your deepest sorrows. This movie was way too good then any present films. No doubt best movie Dangal I think that this is a inspirational movie and it should be a blockbuster becuse it has a great moral to the story and it is a true one and all other aamir khan movies have been successful and should stay like that because he has a really good sense of acting.

This is a cute, honest love story with a doppelgänger and a war thrown in.

Though skeptical of him at first, after talking to him she starts preferring his company and throughout the film we see them taking long walks by the sea, engaged in conversations about everything and nothing.

The songs are lovey-dovey, and they play as a background score as we watch Tony and Nancy spend time in cafes drinking Limca and Coca-Cola, seeing their friendship grow.

He no longer recognizes his sister, who is too busy with her work and social life, nor his college friends, who are preoccupied with politics or prostitutes.

In the midst of it all, he comes across Kiya, who is also facing problems with her family.

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