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Blackberry Contacts not syncing OTA with Outlook and vice versa.We have a BES server, and the user updates his contacts in Outlook, and the changes arent synced over to the BB handheld. On the BES: Edit the properties of the user goto "Pim sync" now for "address book" make sure that: - Synchronization enabled is true - Synchronization type is bidirectional.The importance of this little act escapes most people, and they are only made aware of it the instant they realize that something unforeseen has happened to cause them to lose the list of all their contacts.

Don't panic, instead go to "Contacts Groups" and make sure that "All i Cloud" is selected in order to make sure that all of your contacts display correctly.A decade later, the Crack Berry community is as active and passionate as ever and I know our knowledgeable members and volunteers will be excited to welcome and assist more Black Berry owners with their questions.All the developer support forum content and knowledge base resources have moved to a new system as of April 1, 2017. This new functionality will enable you to sync your handheld's built-in address book with your Gmail contacts.This all happens in the background and over the air, so your information is always up to date, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

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