Black only dating site racist

“He just doesn’t fancy black girls,” he says, sat across from me over a Spoons panini, two plates of chips and a murky pint of Guinness that’s spilling at the rim.

“That’s just his preference.” It’s 2019, and conversations I thought we finished up with in the early internet age of the personal essay are still going round and round in the IRL sphere, particularly with my white friends.

Black People Meet is not attempting to fan any racial flames, but the simple fact of the matter is that it is a dating site that is excluding people based on race, which while it may not be particularly harmful in this instance is still racist.

Ella explains why white people can date black people, but can’t JUST date black people. I was one of the few black people in my primary school, my secondary schools and college.

Desirability isn’t the be all and end all our social and political struggles – and our conversations shouldn’t become completely absorbed by an obsessive focus on who wants to get with us and who doesn’t.

But it’s still a part of our lives like any other, and one that can impact on our sense of self-worth.

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Should we be striving for the approval of the white gaze?

That one guy who when you talk about music tell you he “loves hip-hop”; that one guys who says “I just don’t get this racism thing.” That one guys who says, “I only date black girls.” I was invited to a party by one of my friends who “only dates black girls.” We were friends way before he had the realisation that black girls were black and attractive.

I love a party, but I had to be away on that occasion and had to decline and thought no more of it.

Many elements of our romantic and sexual choices are influenced by society.

A study by the University of St Andrews found that exposure to online media pushes our attraction closer to stereotypes of masculine and feminine extremes.

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