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Listening to someone having sex is surprisingly intimate — it’s thrilling and voyeuristic all at once, like overhearing something you shouldn’t.

All of it’s lusciously filmed with gorgeous locales and good-looking (but not porny-looking) fuckers and fuckees.Like this from "Instructed": "Pandora Blake arrives at a hotel room, expecting to see her lover, D.Instead, she finds a letter bearing explicit instructions as to what she should do to prepare herself for him." Oh, yeah.16.) put together a series of films, each featuring a woman sitting at a table reading a passage from a book of her choice.As she reads, an unseen person under the table stimulates her with a vibrator.

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    We are so lucky that there are two of them because can you imagine the chaos that would have spread around the world as every single girl tries to fight for one, at least now it’s only half of the world’s female population, right?

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    Along with sexting girls, you can also trade explicit pictures and videos.

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    There are some clients who like to speak a lot with escorts, those are the gentleman clients, who book the girls for minimum 2 hours, because they need companion too, not just sex and escort services.