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“The town has lots of interesting people and diversity, and we’re blessed to be in this school district.” At home, Jensen enjoys cooking and entertaining.

“My sister and mom are good cooks,” says Jensen, whose specialty is barbecued ribs, a recipe from her mother-in-law, Kitty.

“It’s beautiful and fully equipped for a variety of programming.”Do you ever want to comb Eric Perkins’ hair?

Jensen has made her home in Edina since moving to the Twin Cities from Utah in 1994.

At the time, Douglas was the only local meteorologist doing the weather outdoors, and only he was permitted to be on camera in KARE 11’s backyard.

So, Jensen was instructed to present the weather in front of a small green screen inside the studio.

Similar to this year, 1993 was a record year for rainfall in Minnesota as the Midwest was stuck in a pattern of flooding rain.

With no one giving Jensen instructions in her ear and no indication of when to stop, she went on for 13 minutes explaining the scientific details of the historic rainfall. Jensen returned to the Midwest with more than a suitcase and a new job.

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