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On my next trip to Beijing two weeks later I arranged to have dinner with her in a nice restaurant in an old ‘Hutong’ (alleys formed by lines of traditional courtyard residences, now frequently dotted with fancy restaurants and bars).She arrived in a tight, figure hugging dress that showed off her fair skin, toned legs and perky young butt, looking her sexy best to impress despite it being a snowy winter.

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On this particular occasion, my upper head kept control and I refrained from talking up my own net worth and social circle.She was quick to impress upon me how her past few boyfriends were all foreigners— Japanese, Caucasian etc.(In contemporary Chinese society, having an exotic foreign boyfriend is still somewhat of a trophy to show off.I didn’t bother to ask too much about where she came from.Girls of such persuasion are usually vague about which rural part of China they were from.

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