Become less intimidating

According to Jacoby, “Men are simple and straightforward.What they want most of all is to feel like men.” That means you should allow the man to pursue you and gain your interest.I didn't want to quit, but I didn't want to keep cowering in my cubicle, either.

Instead of cringing with fear, use each presentation, each panic-stricken deadline, and each one-on-one meeting to show off your skills and talents to your boss." While it might be stressful, they might actually push you to be your best professional self.While there are things that make your boss turn on you, there are also things that they look at in a favorable light.Gather intel on what that is and then use it to influence their behavior.Business writer Margie Warrell at Forbes recommended, "If you know you have a boss who’s disorganized, then help him to be on top of things rather than whining about his lack of organizational skills.If you know your boss is often late to meetings, offer to kick off the next meeting for him.

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