Backdating of dating onbase

However, a VAT only invoice needs to be seen in the context of the total amount paid/ payable by the customer.

A Council Tax Support claim will normally start from the Monday following the date of first contact with a designated office, these are our Council Offices, Department of Work and Pensions and some local housing services.

However, in certain circumstances it is possible that your Council Tax Support can be awarded for an earlier period, this is what is called backdating your claim.

For anyone under the State Pension age the maximum period for which a claim can be backdated is 6 months from the date in which the request is made.

In effect, this means the business can then claim back VAT incurred up to eight years ago on goods still on hand on its first VAT return: by backdating the registration four years and then being able to go back another four years prior to the registration date.

When we have made the decision we will write to you.

Housing Benefit normally starts from the Monday after your claim has been made.

However, you may be able to get housing benefit paid for a limited period before you made your claim The start date of your claim can be backdated for a maximum of: There may be other good reasons why you have claimed late.

For anyone over the State Pension age we can treat the claim as being made up to 3 months earlier.

To be considered for Backdating, there has to be what is known as good cause.

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