Bach trumpet dating

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One of the most recognizable and popular instruments, the trumpet's beautiful, piercing tone is a refreshing addition to nearly any genre.

By 1900 Selmer was also manufacturing Alto Clarinets, Bass Clarinets, Flutes, Oboes, and English Horns. Alexandre was an accomplished clarinetist and was able to help Henri while a clarinetist with the Boston Symphony. At about 1918, George Bundy retained the rights to American distribution.

In 1904 Henri joined with his brother Alexandre to form H. While Selmer manufactured Mark VII Alto and Tenor saxes they continued to make Mark VI Soprano and Bari saxes for some time.

It features precision-made, Monel-piston valves that move freely with just a little bit of oil.

A double-walled, plush-lined case helps its finish stay pristine.

Visit our showroom in Ittervoort, along the A2 between Roermond and Maaseik (B).

And, in later interviews, Elden indicated that he started making trumpets in 1935.The Legacy TR750 is built to provide consistent pitch from note to note.It sounds shockingly good considering it's an off-brand instrument at a bargain price.It's great for learning how to produce a consistent tone.The Allora AATR-101 is an attractive and bold way to bridge the gap between your first rental horn and more sensitive, professional-grade ones.

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