Avoidant personality disorder forum dating

Try setting a date in the future when you will meet her. Thanks for the advice, Absolute_Zero and ghotistix.She already knows I have some mental issues, such as being chronically shy and a little weird and so forth.and last because of my lack of dating skills(physically and mentally) its probably impossible to even think about ever having a long term relationship So i was thinking is going with someone who knows what i'm going through(avpd)better than someone who have dating someone who does Lonely-affected with, characterized by, or causing a depressing feeling of being alone; lonesome. Shy men have difficulty getting dates so i would say as an avoidant your chances are slim. avie and other shy girls seem to want guys who are strong where they are weak.

When young I think most would not be acceptant and would be looking for change instead.)Like the OP, I'm also curious how married avie guys pulled it off.When you find someone who is willing to understand you and accept the oddities then that will be the right time.Lately I have been trying to screen out reality impaired cases (with expectations that life is supposed to be like an episode of desperate housewives or a rap video) in favour of those who realize the imperfection of humanity.Of course, avoidant is way beyond shy, so I still think you have to beat the Av PD before you are going to have luck with dating (if you are after LTRs with healthy people.If you are after roller coasters with not so healthy girls, well that may be a possibility, but I'm not sure it's good for you).

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